Easy & Quick Oversized Puff Stitch Cowl (Only one skein!)

I recently participated in a craft fair (post to come!) and wanted to make something trendy, but easy and quick, that I could fill in some space I had on my table. Through some experimenting (and the desire to only have to buy one skein for each piece), I came up with these gorgeous cowls.


The one above was made from the remnants of two skeins I had, but all of the others only took one skein of bulky yarn! So you get this gorgeous, handmade, luxurious gift for only a few dollars! I was so excited. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick for this particular pattern. Each skein of the standard colors has 106 yards (which is pretty ample as it goes for super bulky #6 yarn) so these cowls end up beautiful and tall. Definitely not a skimpy “one skein” project.


And the colorways are gorgeous! This is the color “Claret” and look at all the beautiful variation to the color! The other colors I used include Blossom, Charcoal, Fisherman, Spice, and Fig.  I also recently purchased Sky Blue to make another, which you’ll see in the tutorial photos!


Oversized Puff Stitch Cowl

You will need:

1 Skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn OR                106 yds of another #6 Super Bulky yarn

Size Q Crochet Hook

Scissors & tapestry/yarn needle



With your Q hook & super bulky yarn, chain 32.

Without twisting, slip stitch into first chain.


Round 1: Chain 2, puff stitch (see stitch explanation below) into the same stitch as slip stitch, [ch 1, skip one chain, puff stitch into next chain] repeat bracketed instructions around ending with a chain 1 and slip stitch into the top of the starting chain 2.

Round 2: Chain 2, skip first puff stitch, [puff stitch into next ch 1 space, ch1, skip next puff stitch] repeat brackets around, puff stitch in last ch 1 space, ch 1, slip stitch into top of starting chain.

Round 3: Chain 2, puff stitch into space in front of first puff stitch of the last row (see photo), ch 1, skip first puff stitch, [puff stitch into next ch1 space, ch 1, skip next puff stitch] repeat around, skipping the last ch 1 space, slip stitch into starting chain 2.


Repeat Rows 2&3 around. Finish off, weave in ends.

Depending on your skein, you can get 8-9 rows out of it. If you get to the end of your yarn and only have a few more stitches to finish the row, I’ve gone back and fudged several of the puff stitches, only [yo, insert hook, pull up] twice, rather than three times in order to save a few lengths of yarn. It should make up the difference to add a few more stitches.

Puff Stitch Explanation

[Yarn over, insert hook into designated stitch, pull up a loop] repeating 3x TOTAL (7 loops on hook)


Yarn over, pull up 6 loops (2 loops on hook)


Yarn over, pull up 2 loops


You’ve just completed a puff stitch!

I hope you love the pattern as much as I do! Please share you photos below in the comments.


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